Monday, July 31, 2017

"Never mind that shit....Here comes Mongo!"

Now that we have survived six months under the incompetent-thuggish presidency of Donald John Trump, we should talk about the thuggish goonery of MONGO, the outsider member of the Cabal and spiritual grandfather to Wiki-cops like Tyler van Wormer (Tiptoety). He had endless fights with Encyclopaedia Dramatica, to the point where ED has multiple pages on MONGO, because he has vandalized their site, possibly while at work, a thing he claimed he did while editing Wikipedia articles.

What Little We Know About Him 

Pretty much he was Ron Swanson before that Parks and Recreation character existed; right-wing and a Federal government employee, he claimed to be working for the Department of Homeland Security in some unspecified role, and a US Park Service Ranger before that. According to ED, as a ranger he had worked at the Grand Teton, Yellowstone, Glacier, and Shenandoah national parks, had never traveled outside of the United States (though he had traveled extensively through America), and possibly lived somewhere in Nebraska or Illinois. Encyclopaedia Dramatica accused him of using the IP address to vandalize their wiki during the Bush II years, and that geolocates to Omaha, Nebraska.

MONGO was/is a hater of Muslims (example from his blog), would fly into fits of rage if anybody on Wikipedia talked about September 11th conspiracies, liked to make threats on Wikipedia, had a massive block log in 2005-6. For his Islamophobia, Jayjg was a supporter, and he got help from Tony Sidaway during his long edit wars on September 11th-related articles, and he got support from fellow conservatives Tom_harrison and Robert Djurdjevic.

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